Monday, August 3, 2009

Where did all the summer go?

Bet you thought I fell off the earth. I was just being a lazy crud and it felt pretty good. After the week from hell I decided not to do much. I really did not read, clean, or nothing else. I sat at the pool and sat and sat and talked and talked. My life was like a Dick and Jane book. See Striker sit in the sun. Sit Striker sit. Sit sit sit. It was nice.

I tried to bore myself before I went back to school. I teach. My room was ready pretty fast, so I thought the best way to mentally prepare myself was to do nothing, so that when the big schedule comes crashing down my brain will be happy to have something to do.

I did have some flashes of light at the pool.

All boys young and old still like to show off at the pool. They like to play who can make the biggest splash with the "can opener" jump. Oh ah - you are so manly when this happens.

Some men can be just as vain as women about their tan and their hair.

That is just pool knowledge.

Other things that popped into my mind were that Nazis were cowards. I am reading Spandau Phoenix and it is a historical fiction book about plots surrounds Rupolh Hess's flight to England on May 10, 1941. Lots of Nazis killed themselves or ran - including Hitler. Also, if they were wanting to create a master race of blonde Nordic ideals, then why did everybody around Hitler have dartk hair except Reinhard Heydrich. I would also like to know if Rudolph Hess really had a double - they say Hussein did too. Did these people have surgery to look like them or was it really like finding a twin.

Who knows? I will try to be more creative next time.

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