Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here's Striker!

A lot has happened since my last post. Some I can tell you and some I can't. I was on vacation with my family for 1 week and basically in deep seclusion the 2nd. I am ok now.

Let's talk about vacation 1st - at least it was fun. I just have to say that my family might have been the only un-tattooed people on the Redneck Riviera. I do not have a tattoo and probably never will. That is a personal choice and if one of my readers happen to have a discreet tattoo somewhere on their body - I can live with that. It is the really big all over everywhere tattoos that are just too much. Really when you are 70 is that barbed wire anklet gonna look cool?

Now, someone in my family did have a tattoo - it was my grandfather. He was in WWII and in the navy. He had an anchor on his upper arm. When I was little I thought that when you joined the army or the navy you got tattooed as part of joining. My grandmother later told me that he hated it now. He was young when he got it and his mom freaked. As he grew older he thought that was one of the more stupid things he had done.

Back to the beach - I do NOT have a beach body. My kids do - their parents do not. However, I was looking good compared to some. This sounds tacky, but it made me feel better about myself some what. I still have lots of weight to lose, but I don't think I am without hope.

Another minor point - most men do not have hair on their chest. OK, I was not checking the men out - I have a very good man who I "check out" every day so let's not go there. As I was lying there in the sun I started thinking about the beach. Men, women and children and dressed in basically nothing more than underwear walking around. You can't walk around your office in your underwear - but at the beach people let it all hang out. So as I sat there pondering how our bathing suits look like underwear I noticed that most men do not have hair on their chests. I do like my man and his hairy chest. Just another observation from the sand.

Ok, now to my week on seclusion. It was self induced and thrust upon me like the weight of the world that I was reluctant to hold. It was the "feeling of impending doom." I can't go into particulars, but I felt depressed, scared, pissed off and just in general felt like crap. I survived only because I have the best family and friends on the face of the freaking earth. I have learned that God is there even if you are trying to ignore Him - He will still help you even if you think you can do it on your own. Your family has the same struggle and when you bond together that is something very special. And lets not forget my friends - they loved me enough to walk with me down the worst road in my life - no questions, no backing out. My friends are truly my family too - my other sisters - the older ones (even if it is only between a few weeks and months). I've had to play big sister all my life, but with them I get to be the one to listen. That is something that you can only repay in kind - I do not wish ill on anyone, but I have had the best set the example and I know that I can repay if the time comes.

Sorry today's blog was a little blah - I just needed to get it out. There are not pictures or videos to express my thoughts from the beach or my life from last week. Words only. Things can only get better from here.

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