Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feeling like I am on a TV show.

So continues my reorganization project. Going well so far. I do feel like I am on an episode of Clean House ( not Hoarders - I am not crazy). Anyway, I pulled everything out of my dining room and had it spread all over the floor and on the table. I had me piles of donate, keep, and throw away (because it was broken or something).

Once I got my mind cleared and had my plans approved by my good friend AKA then I went to reorganization. It was a most liberating feeling. I had a written plan of what I wanted to do and viola it happened. I feel very pleased wit myself and Hubmaster thought it looked nice too.

I am having some issues on crativity at the moment. I am wanting to craft! I am feeling the need to be creative so I can calm my brain. So I am gonig to have to find something to do today that is crafty and creative - not school plans. Even though those need to be done too. I just know that next week I will teach math and science. Not sure what yet.

I think this post is rather boring. Maybe after I get my brain rewired I will be perkier.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wishing for a magic wand and a pensieve!

If you do not watch Harry Potter then you have no idea what a pensive is, but I would like one.

I would like a magic wand so I can quickly and effieciently clean up from Christmas undecorating, clean out the shed, outside closet, attic, and reorganize the whole house. I get this way between Christmas and New Years. I get a compulsion to clean out the whole house and get organized. I never actually get the whole house done, but enough gets done so I can relax about it.

I usually do pretty good until about February, and then I get lazy or just completely worn out. All my good intentions fade away. I would really like to do better this year. I have already started squirreling around in the dining room. Why do I have so much crap in the buffett. Random things, papers, old picture frames. I am really going to try to clean out the dining room tomorrow. I think that will make me feel good.

Now the pensieve is very useful tool. If you are a Potter fan you will notice that Dumbledore's Pensive change styles for HBP. I guess you can get a new container and just poor the liquid into it. Anyway, if you had a magic wand then you would be able to put the tip of it to your temple and pull out selected memories. They look like silvery plasma on the movie. You can place your memories in little jars and store them somewhere else. The pensieve is used when you want to see the memory. One can place the memory in the liquid and stick your face down in the container. Sounds weird - but rather neat in the movie.

I have lots of things from this year I would rather forget, but that leads into my New Years post so we can save that for later. Right now I would like to just take all my ideas for what I would like to reorganize and just bottle them up and got view them when I had all the time in the world to actually do it. That will never happen.

So instead, I am going to watch the next few episodes of CSI season 1. I got them for Christmas.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hills Are Alive ....

with the sound of music! I love this movie. I have seen it hundreds of times, but when it comes on tv it makes it special. I do not know why - it just feels that way to me.

I do realize that the Sound of Music is a musical, but I wish there was an alternate version without all the singing. Maybe a song or two to set up them singing in the Salsberg Music festival, but not all the other. There is a point later in the movie when Georg (Christopher Plummer) breaks off the engagement with the Baroness. The Captain goes out to find Fraulien Maria who is just out wandering the grounds and probably pondering her future. The two end up in the glass gazebo and they finally admit their feelings to each other and have a quick kiss. The scene is the 2nd most romantic part of the whole movie. Then Maria breaks out into song. Striker is here to tell you that if I was Maria and I was alone with Christopher Plummer in a beautiful gazebo on a star filled night on an estate in the Austrian Alps - I would NOT be busting out into song. I will just let your imagination go from there because I said that I would make this blog PG. Gotta stand by that.

Anyway, the best scene in the whole movie is the dancing scene out on the veranda during the big, fancy party. The band starts to play the music for the Linder, an Austrian folk dance. Maria is teaching Kurt how to do the dance and the Captain breaks in. I rewind this part and watch it over and over on DVD. I really have to believe that it possibly the best "love" scene in cinema history. The characters both realize that they are in love with each other even though they do not admit it until later in the movie. WONDERFUL!

I will be all goo-goo eyed all day thinking about the sauve Captain Georg von Trapp.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I hope everyone really did have a Merry Christmas. I love, love, love Christmas. I love decorating, I love to buy presents, I love to watch people open my gifts. I do not care for wrapping and undecorating, but it is a necessary evil. I could not do Christmas for 365. It is more special for about 35 days.

I have to mention Christmas trivia, oddities and origins of all traditions. I really do love useless information. My knowledge of nothing important did come in handy at school. I won a book for knowing something trivial. I then could not answer for myself again - so I helped out some friends. We got 2 more answered before I got kicked out of the game. I really did not mean to blurt out stuff - it is like a short circuit and all of a sudden the stuff that has been crammed into the nooks and crannies of my mind come exploding forth like a volcanic eruption of epic proportions.

I felt a little bad about this and embarrassed. I think next year I will just be in charge of the trivia game. I already have a good list of questions. I will even string for some of the prizes.

Karma has a way of coming back around. Only a few hours later after my knowledge spewing episode mother nature got her revenge. I had volcanic eruptions of gastronomic proprotions. The stomach bug had flown into the house and infested inside my innards.

Holy - freaking - cow is all I have to say about that. The "I think I will just lie on the floor of the bathroom and die" phase passed in a few hours. The weakness and fatigue lingered for another 48 hours. The next day the plague visited Scout. It did not get to the Hubmaster until yesterday. Eminem should be next. I really hope if passes her by - I could only be so fortunate.

Now do I really believe that this was inflicted upon me because of my inability to contain my trivial knowledge. Not really but one could think that if they believed whole-heartedly in the chaos theory. "If a butterfly flaps his wings in the Amazon River basin it will cause the flooding of the Ganges River." - that type of thing is the basis of the chaos theory. Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park talked about it. You never know.

Back from the Great Beyond

Bet you thought I skipped town. You could not get so lucky - ha. The last thing I blogged about was my summer being over and now in a blink of the eye it is the week between Christmas and New Year. Funny, how time slips away.

Quick wrap up of the past 5 months: August - school started - Scout is in 6th grade and Eminem is in 2nd grade. They have great teachers and I am fortunate. I also have 2 cute classrooms of perky little 5th graders. It took a while to train them.

September - The kids were busy and I was up to my armpits in school. I continued therapy with MC Hammer. MC Hammer is a real person and not just a rapper. We welcomed a new member into the Striker extended family. My sister, Jose'Cuervo, and her husband welcomed their second daughter Bu-dahdah. Baby Bu-dahdah is also welcomed by her 2 year old sister ,Otter.

October - we could not wait for cooler days and Halloween - Scout was a person attacked by wild minks and Eminem was a gothic vampire Queen. Otter was a butterfly.

November - started the countdown to Thanksgiving which in turn starts the countdown to Christmas break. Lots of cramming of school projects both for me as a teacher and for both my kids. Thanksgiving was a small affair with Rufus T, my family, Brother Baby and his wife ( yet un-nicknamed- working on it.). My mother person is still absent. I do not have a nickname for her either or a good name for the place of her current residence but that will come.

December - love Christmas - the reason ( JC) and I like the other commercialism of it too. The kids love the new tree ( I broke down and got an artificial). School was hard the last 3 weeks. No one wants to learn or teach - got to include the teachers. Everyone was glad when break started.

This is just a wrap up. I now feel free to post my thoughts and express my opinions in later posts. I just would have felt bad if I did not at least mention the months I ignored my blog.