Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back from the Great Beyond

Bet you thought I skipped town. You could not get so lucky - ha. The last thing I blogged about was my summer being over and now in a blink of the eye it is the week between Christmas and New Year. Funny, how time slips away.

Quick wrap up of the past 5 months: August - school started - Scout is in 6th grade and Eminem is in 2nd grade. They have great teachers and I am fortunate. I also have 2 cute classrooms of perky little 5th graders. It took a while to train them.

September - The kids were busy and I was up to my armpits in school. I continued therapy with MC Hammer. MC Hammer is a real person and not just a rapper. We welcomed a new member into the Striker extended family. My sister, Jose'Cuervo, and her husband welcomed their second daughter Bu-dahdah. Baby Bu-dahdah is also welcomed by her 2 year old sister ,Otter.

October - we could not wait for cooler days and Halloween - Scout was a person attacked by wild minks and Eminem was a gothic vampire Queen. Otter was a butterfly.

November - started the countdown to Thanksgiving which in turn starts the countdown to Christmas break. Lots of cramming of school projects both for me as a teacher and for both my kids. Thanksgiving was a small affair with Rufus T, my family, Brother Baby and his wife ( yet un-nicknamed- working on it.). My mother person is still absent. I do not have a nickname for her either or a good name for the place of her current residence but that will come.

December - love Christmas - the reason ( JC) and I like the other commercialism of it too. The kids love the new tree ( I broke down and got an artificial). School was hard the last 3 weeks. No one wants to learn or teach - got to include the teachers. Everyone was glad when break started.

This is just a wrap up. I now feel free to post my thoughts and express my opinions in later posts. I just would have felt bad if I did not at least mention the months I ignored my blog.

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