Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogging - It's like Drano for my brain!

This was not supposed to be my first topic. I have lots of other topics that I thought would be better, but this just popped in so I am going for it.

Like I have posted in my welcome speech, I have lots of things stuck in my brain. Some good and some terribly bad and ugly. I am not using my blog for ugliness - only for beautification purposes. So, I will clean out my brain when I feel full and log it here on the worldwide web for all to see. Like in the title up there it is like Drano for the brain.

Before you question me, Drano is spelled correctly. I am a little OCD and I really like to get most things correct - except for puncuation and capitalization (but that is another story.) so I went to wikipedia and checked it out.

Drano is a wonder product that was invented in 1923. It cleans out the gunk in your drain by a complex chemical formula. FYI, the "power crystals" are just colored salt. Blogging is also a technicalogical wonder invented in 1999. It cleans the gunk out of your brain with a complex electrical and computer engineering formula. I like to think that my "power crystals" are somehow produced by caffienated drinks.

So, let's everybody raise a glass of sweet tea ( or your caffienated beverage or choice) and wish blogging a happy 10th birthday!

Happy Birthday Brain-o! How did I get this far without you.

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