Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Queen's hat box

This is sad to say, but I have a slight fasination with the British royal family. I guess it is just because we (Americans) don't have one. They are rich and beautiful, but mostly whether they realize it or not regular people with the same issues that normal people have - maybe except for the money part.

They don't have to use the envelope method taught by Dave Ramsey to budget their money each month. I do use the envelopes and they work wonders - thanks Dave!

More of the fascination with the royal family are the clothes - in particular the hats and purses. There has just got to be some royal decree out there about hats. No one really buys hats anymore. I think some of the last famous American women who wore hats were: Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, and possibly Lady Bird Johnson. Anyway where can you buy hats? I know where some "other" people buy hats that are cheap looking, but I am talking about the good hats.

What brings you this blog can also find you a hat at the touch of a button. check this out they can customize any hat in the catelog. I found a cute straw beach hat that is $120. I would hate to know the price to add on a flower. It can get pricier though. Try this link . There is one in there for $1150. Most of these hats have lots of plummage. They all look a little Vitorian too. Not my style. So far the best one is . This one offers the big hats, some feathers, but they are pretty neat.

Anyway, I will probably never wear a hat like the ones above reason #1 is I have a big head and #2 is I don't have a hat envelope.

Next topic - purses of the Queen.

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