Friday, May 29, 2009

A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter: The grocery list

If you know what my title is alluding too, then you have to have been a child in the 70's. The comment comes from the wonderful show - Sesame Street. There was a little cartoon of a girl who was sent to the store to get those 3 items. She forgets and has to think back about her conversation with her mother and eventually remembers. I think of her on Fridays when I make my grocery list.

Being a little OCD and on a family budget, a little planning is involved with the grocery list. Before the list is compiled I have to make a menu. Before the menu we have to see what night-time activities are taking place for the week (Friday through Thursday). Luckily for me it is summer and there is not much to do. the menu was planned and the list made. To even be more weird about the list - it has 3 columns. One for things we get every week - milk, bread etc. The 2nd one is for new things that we need to make specific dishes and the 3rd is non grocery items. On the top of that list today is sunscreen.

My grocery list gives me a sense of accomplishment as a stroll up and down the frigid rows of goods. I go to Wal Mart. It is just too convenient to pass up, but I do have a beef with most all grocery stores. Why do they want to waste so much electricity? The open refridgerator bins just really get to me. It is very convenient to just walk over and select you eggs and biscuits without having to fool with the door (like when I buy milk or ice cream.)

What sort of ploy did the marketing team come up with that there are no doors on all of the refridgerated items? I took some of these classes in college. I did not do very well in them, but none the less I passed. I really can't see the benefits of the no door theory. I think it is to possibly just make it convenient for the shoppers to just reach over and get the cheese and not have to block open the door with their cart. But what if ..... they were more enviromentally friendly?

Our town is moving rapidly in that direction so let's explore. Do you think Wal- Mart could afford some doors? Yep. Would those doors save on the over-head cost of doing business? Yep. Could that savings lead to lower prices throughout the store on most all goods? Yep. Would my grocery bill go down? Yep. That extra money could buy me some high dollar gas for the car!

If I am doing my part to save electricity, why can't they?

From grocery lists to saving the planet - all in one little blog. I love it.

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