Monday, June 1, 2009

Queen Elizabeth's got a brand new bag ...........Hey!

Yesterday it was hats - today it is purses!

I am not one of women who just has to have lots of purses and shoes. I just need a good purse that will hold all my stuff and will pretty much match most of my outfits.

I have often wondered about the Queen's handbag - not necessarily the choice. We all know that the QE2 doesn't just go out shopping to find her a good purse that will hold all her stuff. She has the best "bag people" in Britain personally bring the goods to the palace like a Kelly's Kids party and she has to place an order. Mostly I see pictures of HRH with a nice, sensible black purse with a strap slung into the crook of her arm. She also usually has black shoes to match. The purse is age appropriate and well proportioned.

So, you wonder what is my thing with her purse? The answer is what is IN her purse!

My purse holds the following all the time: pens, wallet(money, debit card, check book), highlighters, lipstick, multiple miscellaneous lists, a 10ft measuring tape, and sunglasses. At other times it has also been know to hold: books, earrings, a small blanket, can drinks, ez grader, and candy. This is my stuff.

So, what is QE2's stuff?

Does she carry a wallet? We do know that she drives so she does have a license, but does she carry it around with her all the time? If she gets caught in a road block does she have to have her DL out of her wallet and her proof of insurance? Probably not - she is the Queen. Does she carry any money with her? Like I said above- her shopping adventures are private trunk shows - so no. Most likely she does not have credit cards with her either. She might not even have these at all.

Lipstick. Does she carry an extra tube of her favorite "Love my Lips" shade in her black bag? If it is there it would be a huge royal faux pas to apply lipstick where you could possibly be spotted by the press. So maybe that is a no.

Kleenex. Women love to stuff Kleenex in their purses. It is used to blot your lips, blow your nose, and in a pinch spot clean a dirty 2 year old before going into a store. Can you imagine QE2 blowing her nose at a reception? Even if she did, she would not use the lowly Kleenex. She would use a handkerchief with her crest upon it.

Pictures of her grandchildren. Are you kidding me? We (the public) probably know more about her grandchildren than she does. Anyway, I don't think Olan Mills jumps the pond to set up a kiosks in London.

So, the answer is still unknown. What is in her purse? The world may never know.

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