Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feeling like I am on a TV show.

So continues my reorganization project. Going well so far. I do feel like I am on an episode of Clean House ( not Hoarders - I am not crazy). Anyway, I pulled everything out of my dining room and had it spread all over the floor and on the table. I had me piles of donate, keep, and throw away (because it was broken or something).

Once I got my mind cleared and had my plans approved by my good friend AKA then I went to reorganization. It was a most liberating feeling. I had a written plan of what I wanted to do and viola it happened. I feel very pleased wit myself and Hubmaster thought it looked nice too.

I am having some issues on crativity at the moment. I am wanting to craft! I am feeling the need to be creative so I can calm my brain. So I am gonig to have to find something to do today that is crafty and creative - not school plans. Even though those need to be done too. I just know that next week I will teach math and science. Not sure what yet.

I think this post is rather boring. Maybe after I get my brain rewired I will be perkier.

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