Sunday, December 27, 2009


I hope everyone really did have a Merry Christmas. I love, love, love Christmas. I love decorating, I love to buy presents, I love to watch people open my gifts. I do not care for wrapping and undecorating, but it is a necessary evil. I could not do Christmas for 365. It is more special for about 35 days.

I have to mention Christmas trivia, oddities and origins of all traditions. I really do love useless information. My knowledge of nothing important did come in handy at school. I won a book for knowing something trivial. I then could not answer for myself again - so I helped out some friends. We got 2 more answered before I got kicked out of the game. I really did not mean to blurt out stuff - it is like a short circuit and all of a sudden the stuff that has been crammed into the nooks and crannies of my mind come exploding forth like a volcanic eruption of epic proportions.

I felt a little bad about this and embarrassed. I think next year I will just be in charge of the trivia game. I already have a good list of questions. I will even string for some of the prizes.

Karma has a way of coming back around. Only a few hours later after my knowledge spewing episode mother nature got her revenge. I had volcanic eruptions of gastronomic proprotions. The stomach bug had flown into the house and infested inside my innards.

Holy - freaking - cow is all I have to say about that. The "I think I will just lie on the floor of the bathroom and die" phase passed in a few hours. The weakness and fatigue lingered for another 48 hours. The next day the plague visited Scout. It did not get to the Hubmaster until yesterday. Eminem should be next. I really hope if passes her by - I could only be so fortunate.

Now do I really believe that this was inflicted upon me because of my inability to contain my trivial knowledge. Not really but one could think that if they believed whole-heartedly in the chaos theory. "If a butterfly flaps his wings in the Amazon River basin it will cause the flooding of the Ganges River." - that type of thing is the basis of the chaos theory. Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park talked about it. You never know.

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