Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wishing for a magic wand and a pensieve!

If you do not watch Harry Potter then you have no idea what a pensive is, but I would like one.

I would like a magic wand so I can quickly and effieciently clean up from Christmas undecorating, clean out the shed, outside closet, attic, and reorganize the whole house. I get this way between Christmas and New Years. I get a compulsion to clean out the whole house and get organized. I never actually get the whole house done, but enough gets done so I can relax about it.

I usually do pretty good until about February, and then I get lazy or just completely worn out. All my good intentions fade away. I would really like to do better this year. I have already started squirreling around in the dining room. Why do I have so much crap in the buffett. Random things, papers, old picture frames. I am really going to try to clean out the dining room tomorrow. I think that will make me feel good.

Now the pensieve is very useful tool. If you are a Potter fan you will notice that Dumbledore's Pensive change styles for HBP. I guess you can get a new container and just poor the liquid into it. Anyway, if you had a magic wand then you would be able to put the tip of it to your temple and pull out selected memories. They look like silvery plasma on the movie. You can place your memories in little jars and store them somewhere else. The pensieve is used when you want to see the memory. One can place the memory in the liquid and stick your face down in the container. Sounds weird - but rather neat in the movie.

I have lots of things from this year I would rather forget, but that leads into my New Years post so we can save that for later. Right now I would like to just take all my ideas for what I would like to reorganize and just bottle them up and got view them when I had all the time in the world to actually do it. That will never happen.

So instead, I am going to watch the next few episodes of CSI season 1. I got them for Christmas.

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