Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hills Are Alive ....

with the sound of music! I love this movie. I have seen it hundreds of times, but when it comes on tv it makes it special. I do not know why - it just feels that way to me.

I do realize that the Sound of Music is a musical, but I wish there was an alternate version without all the singing. Maybe a song or two to set up them singing in the Salsberg Music festival, but not all the other. There is a point later in the movie when Georg (Christopher Plummer) breaks off the engagement with the Baroness. The Captain goes out to find Fraulien Maria who is just out wandering the grounds and probably pondering her future. The two end up in the glass gazebo and they finally admit their feelings to each other and have a quick kiss. The scene is the 2nd most romantic part of the whole movie. Then Maria breaks out into song. Striker is here to tell you that if I was Maria and I was alone with Christopher Plummer in a beautiful gazebo on a star filled night on an estate in the Austrian Alps - I would NOT be busting out into song. I will just let your imagination go from there because I said that I would make this blog PG. Gotta stand by that.

Anyway, the best scene in the whole movie is the dancing scene out on the veranda during the big, fancy party. The band starts to play the music for the Linder, an Austrian folk dance. Maria is teaching Kurt how to do the dance and the Captain breaks in. I rewind this part and watch it over and over on DVD. I really have to believe that it possibly the best "love" scene in cinema history. The characters both realize that they are in love with each other even though they do not admit it until later in the movie. WONDERFUL!

I will be all goo-goo eyed all day thinking about the sauve Captain Georg von Trapp.

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