Friday, January 1, 2010

You Say You Want A Resolution!

Happy New Year to my 2 people who read my blog. I have had a great year so far. i have tidied up the house and crafted a bit. We will not get into the crafting yet - another day another blog. It is time to resolve! ( no I am not cleaning the carpet.)

Why do people make resolutions? Do we really have it in us to change? Can anybody change? Hmm - I think everone has the capacity to change, but one really has to dig deep to change.

So I could make the same resolution that other make like this: I resolve to be a better: wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, get closer to God, etc. Or I could say that I was going to try to: eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water, exercise, lose weight, not eat cookies! By why be like everyone else. Now, I am not saying that these are not worthy goals. I really do need to work on everyone of these. These can just be things that I should do everyday. And I will work on them.

But, I am going to quote a friend of a friend, SPQ Jill, and say that need to "Be Particular." Why do I feel the need to stand out and be different - I think deep down somewhere that is my inate ability. I can get weird and peculiar with the best of them. Now, Jill could have ment "Be Chosey", "Don't Settle", "Go for the Gusto." Since I do not know her personally, so I am just guessing. I am going to be very particular about resolving this year.

I have issues - we all do, but this year they will all be resolved. So here it is (PG-13 Rating here). I Striker, being of sound mind and fat body, do hereby resolve to do the following in 2010: Come hell or high water, I am going to kick ass and take names! Not literally, I am a non-violent type. I am going to kick all my issues in the ass and strike their names off the issue list.

This is mainly dealing with old, hurtful issues - I'M OVER IT! MOVING ON! There is another thing to add to my this resolution. If any persons act like idiots and are disagreeable with the majority, try to bully others, or are just out right rude - your name get immediately put on the top of the list and I will deal with you immediately.

And you are now you are wondering if I have a plan of action. Oh yes. I plan and make lists. Back story, about a year ago I decided to stop coloring my hair. I am only 38, but I got the gray. I am embracing it. Now, my train of though goes on to people who are totally gray - older ladies and gentlemen. Now people with gray hair are wise and very truthful. They also can get away with saying whatever they feel. So, I am embracing their attitude and persona.

Why not? I have gray hair and I am kicking ass this year. Be a completely new person - I think it will be like secretly being a super hero. Clark Kent could hear cries for help and become his alter ego Superman. Striker is going to stop the adult bullies and rude idiots of the world and become an alter ego. Not going to blow it off - going to deal with the situation right there and then. Gonna tell them like it is and if they do not like it - that is their problem. Not having issues anymore.

Senior citizens can say stuff and it is ok, so I am too. Why do I have to sit back and take it and let people run me and others over. Ain't gonna happen this year.

I sound angry, don't I? I am not - just fired up like Julia Sugerbaker.

Now, off to bed. Eminem is tired and needs a hug and kiss!

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