Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you got the money , Honey---

I've got the time - to budget that is.

Oh why oh why on Earth do I constantly screw up budgeting.

I have been the "nerd" of the family for about 5 years now. check out Dave Ramsey for the definition of the "nerd". I try really hard to get the finances correct and then I always forget something or put something in the wrong place.

I could put the blame on too much strees from my job, but since it is summer and I don't go back for 2 months we have a problem.

I think we do fine on the envelope method, but I try to sqeeze everything else in there and still mess up. We will not be in the poor house mind you, it is just ticking me off is all.

On another note - it has been 20 years since the Tinnamen Square thing. They still don't know the guys identity - you know the one who stood in front of the tank. I would have thought those evil Commie *&%$ (people) would have had him arrested on the spot. But that's what I get for thinking.

A sad note, David Carradine has died today in Bangkok. I first saw him in the miniseries "North and South". He was a mean plantation owner, and my parents were calling him Kung Fu. I now know why of course. Authorities say he committed suicide - sad. he was 72.

Speaking of Bangkok --- there is a song about that too. One night in Bangkok by Murry Head

here are some lyrics

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble

Not much between despair and ecstasy

One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble

Can't be too careful with your company

I can feel the devil walking next to me

cool video-

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