Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Hot Dog! My family and I leave for the beach tomorrow. We haven't been in 7 years. Awful I know. Our son doesn't remember it and our daughter has never been. We can't wait. My children are already brown as berries, but they will come back from the beach looking like they have just got off the boat from Cuba.

One thing about vacations that is a little stressful is the packing. Since I am an obsessive, control freak - I might just be in my element here. I have about 7 lists going. No lie. I have a list of things to be done today, a list of clothes for each child, a list of things to buy at Wal-Mart, a list of goods ( non clothing items ) to take, a list of what to buy when we get there, and a list of places to eat while we are there - complete with menus and driving instructions. On the menu list is also how to find the movie theater (of the picture show as we still call it), and how to get to the naval aviation museum in Pensacola. We are going to see the Blue Angels.

I am just about listed out. Eminem is going to her last day at VBS and the boys are still at scout camp. While I have a few last hours to myself, I will be going to Wal-Mart to knock off one of the lists. The rest will be tackled this afternoon. Eminem likes to help get organized too. Lord help us all.

With all of these lists that have to be made and checked off, lets just think of other lists just for the fun of it.

List of favorite movies List of favorite classic cars
1. Gone With the Wind 1. 1964 - 1966 Corvette Sting Ray - Convertible
2. The Graduate 2. 1955 - 1957 Ford Thunderbird
3. Coal Miner's Daughter 3. 1968 Jaguar XKE
4. all Harry Potters-
5. The Sound of Music

Favorite Drinks Favorite Foods
1. Diet dr. pepper 1. cheese - any kind
2. Diet coke 2. creamy peanut butter
3. Key Lime Water - sam's choice 3. Key Lime Pie
4. milk - white or chocolate 4. fried okra
5. sweet tea 5. raisin bran

But I think the best list of all would be the good looking older actors list. I can hear my friends laughing now, counting on their fingers who I will put down. Just to let you know, some people on this list are now deceased. That does not exclude them from being good looking in the movies that I like to watch them in. No particular order after #1.

1. Sean Connery 2. Christopher Plummer 3. Charlton Heston 4. Rex Harrison

There are lots more of these guys - I even know some people around town that fit into this category, but since this is supposed to be anonymous unless you are a celebrity I can't put them up here.

I am off to start my list check off mission. I will post later tonight of the results.

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