Saturday, June 13, 2009

WEATHER or not ?

Update of the lists. I really had 11. I know, I know - crazy. But it works for me.

I got home yesterday at 3:00 after running numerous errands with. Made it just in time to see the bottom fall out of the sky. Chicken Little would have been vindicated because the sky was falling.

It hailed at my house the size of really big butter beans. Not pea size - butter bean. The dog was whining, the cat howling and Eminem clutched on to me for dear life. The storm passed quickly and I was doing my best trying to get ahold of my hubby and Scout while they were camping. They were fine.

I started to pack and get some things checked off the list because according to the radar, hell on Earth was coming. A line of red that grew wider every time I checked. Let's just say it was a doosy.

Long story short, as I was trying to call the Hubmaster and the lights went out, my mother called telling me my Dad told us to "seek shelter in the lowest floor of your home." We had a tornado warning and so we get in the closet with a flash light and radio. We sat in there for an hour, but sat in the dark for 9 hours. We eventually let the house in search of food hoping that the linemen would fix the electricity while we were gone. Most neighborhoods were dark - it would be a while.

At 2:18 this morning the lights came back on. I went and turned them all out and got back in bed thinking how far behind I was on my lists. I am even further now that i decided to do one last post before vacation.

I should make it. Will post when I can, but will be back on the 19th.

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