Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday - It's My birthday Too!

I woke up at 2:43 this morning and realized that I had turned 38. It is a nice even number. I am very partial to things being symmetrical. It is half of 19.

I am at home alone at the moment - the dishwasher is running and the house is clean. Eminem, my daughter is at VBS, and my son, Scout, is at Boy Scout Camp. My husband is not at work and also at scout camp being a scout master. I am here with my cat - Bob, dog - Gunny, 2 fish - Beta Ray and Fishy and a hamster name Jeeps. Thoses are my real pets names. It is nice for a while.

Today at lunch Eminem and I are going to eat my my sister and my mother for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. They fry the best veggies there. I really like the gourd-type veggies fried - okra and eggplant - Yummy!

So on my birthday, I decided to pull out a book I got on my birthday years ago and read about my birthday. It is a birthday book about birthdays I got on my birthday that I read on my birthday.

It says that June 10th is the "Day of Laughter and Sadness", and that we people clearly have our ups and downs. It also states that "we must protect ourselves against the fascination with the dark side." There is no reference to Darth Vadar here so we must not be talking Star Wars - "Luke I am your father!" No, That's impossible! " It also says that we could lose ourselves in a cheerful public persona while failing to cope with negativity in their private life, and that this dichotomy splits their nature creating a kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation.

That's a nice Happy Birthday for you! All dark and crazy. It only gets better - there is a warning specifically for women. They often channel nervous energy into controlling their environment, for example seeking perfection at work or keeping a spotless home. (As I said above, my house is clean.) This may be an attempt to control disturbances in their consciousness. OK, this is disturbing. I think this hit the nail right on the head.

Let's look at famous people who were also born on this day. BTW, I have finally seen how to hyper link (aren't you happy for this sad and disturbed birthday girl). Judy Garland, she had lots of problems "Auntie Em, Auntie Em, Toto, it's a twister, it's a twister". Hattie McDaniel. The actress that made the movie Gone With The Wind. She was the smartest one in the entire movie - knew all about the ways of Miss Scarlett. F. Lee Bailey, attorney and writer. I have a book that he wrote that I am taking to the beach. He became famous when he defended Sam Shepherd for killing his wife. This was the inspiration for the TV show the Fugitive.

Maurice Sendak wrote "Where the Wild Things Are." Wonderful book. Dan Fouts, former quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. At the time he was playing, he was also the only quarterback with a beard ( useless trivia- sorry). And finally, Prince Phillip. He was a dashing your prince of Greece back in the day. Now, he is kinda hawk-like in his appearance and his eyebrows are out of control.

I think I am in good company.

Other things in this crazy book are: my number is 1. It says I can be stubborn and obstinate and have firm views. I am a Gemini that is a mutable air sign - whatever that means. I am ruled by the planet Mercury and also influenced by the Sun. I do have a nice tan!

About the only good thing it says about my birthday or me is that I am "daring, capable, and human." I will say this though, Darth Vadar was only half human because he had all those electronics and artificial limbs. Stupid thought I know.

So, apparently I am to try not to surrender to the dark side. I will fight evil and wear ruby slippers. Dorothy fought the Wicked Witch of the West. Maurice Sendak fought the Wild Things.
F Lee Bailey fights the prosecutions, Dan Fouts fought a defensive line, Prince Philip fights the establishment and probably most of all Hattie McDaniel fought racism long before it was in vogue. She was the 1st African American to win an Oscar.

I have a fight or two of my own to deal with. I will just take my obstinance, my natural dichotomous attitude and my urge to control the universe and with my own ruby slippers will kick my problems in the rear. It is a very good birthday indeed!

"Let the wild rumpus start!" - Max from Where the Wild Things Are

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  1. bestest childhood friendJune 16, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    Once you see "Wicked", you will rethink the whole Dorothy battling the wicked witch of the west thing! I'm just sayin'!!