Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Still....

and know that I am God.

It is so very hard to be still and listen these days.  I have two kids both going in different directions.  I teach and always have planning or grading to do.  Also, the Hubmaster works hard and is a Boy Scout leader.  I would say that we are a busy family.  Where is God in my busy life?

He would say that He is always right there and I am the one who does not notice Him.  This is so true. 

From previous posts you will have heard me lament my woes.  I have had issues big time.  God was there for me even when I did not want Him to be.  Funny, how He is like that.  God is in all the small stuff we do too.

Last night I was on a conference call with my 2 best buds - AKA and BCF.  We do this from time to time just so we can catch up all together.  We are in 2 different states and 2 time zones.  God was there, pulling our friendship closer.  It was lovely.

BCF said something me and AKA had never thought of before.  When you are trying to call friends to talk about a problem or chit chat and can't get them and have to leave a message, that is God telling you to talk to Him instead.  Profound.  I actually sat there for a moment. 

I am always saying that I wish that God would put up a billboard or send me an email telling me what I need to do in a situation.  He is always sending signs to me.  I must just be too busy to notice.

Slow down, enjoy life.

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