Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dining Room Dilemma

I do love my Dining Room and I think it looks just fine the way it is, but with the sprucing up and redecorating urges that are on me, I feel the need to do some thing a little different.

Here are some dining room pics.

I still have problems placing pictures, so I apoligize for the crazy placement.

I love the dark wood and the furniture is in great shape.  Not going to redo that.  The walls are a mustard color that I do like - not changing that.  The trim is white and so I have the light colored rug and the light colored display curio in there too.  I really have no other place for the curio, but if it does not match please tell me to find a place!

My primary issue is with the windows.  Do they need "softening"?  I have the decorative arches on either side of the window.  They are paper mache'.  Here is a close up lookPlease excuse the dust.  So, you can see it is also a dark wood color with highlights of gold.  I am fine with the gold.

Should I paint these suckers antique white and then wipe some paint off to let the dark color peak out?

Should I get some long cream panels for these areas?  I don't think I want too much patten going on.  I actually did find some great fabric.

But at $20 a yard and I need about 4 yards - that is not happening.  But it was a beautiful silk.

What do you think please tell me!

I also think the wall with the buffet needs help.  We can't do anything to the pottery on the actual buffet.  I will hurt you over that stuff - it is a prized possession in MS.  I think the wreath needs to go.  Do I update the pictures or just the frames?  One picture is starting to fade because it gets more sun.

My ceilings are 9 ft so I have a good bit of room to play with.


  1. It's nice to meet you :) I strolled through this first page of your blog and did a bit of reading! Your makeover on the brass candlesticks turned out fabulous.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the visit. :) I'll probably do another Decorating Dilemmas Party in a month or two. :) I think painting the arches white and letting the dark show through would be very cool. :)