Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'll Tumble For Ya !

Be careful what you  wish for - you just might get it!

Last Monday when us teachers had to go back to school for a "work day" before the kiddos came back on Tuesday, I must have told 10 people that I would give up a week of summer break for an extra week at Christmas.  I love the cold, and I still wanted to squeeze in a few more reorganizing projects and read blogs.  I am addicted to reading blogs at the moment, but I digress.

So, North Mississippi received some snow and ice and very cold temps this week.  ( Very cold here means below 20).  So the schools closed for Thursday and Friday.  Yeah!  Woo Hoo!  That means I could finish reorganizing the kitchen.  During regular break I had previously "done" the dining room.  The cat helped.    I had also done the dishes, cups areas of the kitchen cabinets and all the bottom cabinets.

So, on Thursday, I thought I would just clean out 1 drawer in the kitchen.  It was like opening Pandora's box!  One draw lead to unloading every drawer (except the junk drawer 0 whole day project) and I had all my utensils everywhere.  I cleaned out and sent some stuff to the donations pile and felt pretty good.

Yesterday, Friday, I was attacking the pantry and the small cabinets over the stove and builti in microwave.  To make this task easier I turned on the computer and played some tunes through my new computer speakers the Hubmaster gave me for Christmas.  I love 80's music so I turned on some Culture Club and danced whilst I cleaned the  kitch.  The song list included - I'll Tumble For Ya, Karma Cameleon, and Church of the Poison Mind.  This is important.

Why did I have 6 pounds of powdered sugar in my cabinet?  I also found lots of baking powder.  It looked like my kitchen exploded, but in the end all was great.   Then I went to get the mail.  I guess I was still a little perky from dancing in the house to pay attention to the side walk.  I hit a small patch of ice and biffed it ( our word for falling and busting your booty).  Except I did not bust my booty, I sprained my ankle.

Here is where Culture Club comes in.  It was like foreshadowing in a novel.  I'll tumble for ya!  I did not really have any thing in particular to write about until this.  The irony was just too great to pass this up.

So now I am hobbling around the house unable to organize or craft.    But my cabinets are organized!  I have to go see a doctor today because I think I need to seek some medical attention on this.  It hurts. 

So, my 3rd week off I did get, and I did get some stuff done around the house.  This must be God's way of telling me to sit back and relax and do not over do it.  Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. You got me singing this song now! A few modge podge tricks: put modge podge on both the paper and the item (clipboard), use an old credit crad or pamperd chef stone scraper to get bubbles out. It will dry more flat, but sometimes i have wrinkles and bubbles and just call that character:).