Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me!

This is a rather silly song, but I love it anyway. I am pretty sure that one of my high school friends would go all out with it. In case you do not know about this song, it was sung by Tiny Tim - not the Scrooge one.

Why am I bringing this up? I thought about him as I paid for gas at the Texaco today. There close to the check out were some "Miss Vickie's" potato chips. Don't know who Miss Vicki is? That was Tiny Tim's wife, and it made me wonder.

What happened to the real Miss Vicki and the daughter she had with Tiny Tim - and yes the child's name was Tulip. Was she called Tulip Tim or did she go by Tiny Tim's real last name Khaury. FYI, Tiny Tim's real first name was Herbert.

So, of course I googled Miss Vicki and found an entry on her at Wikipedia. Miss Vicki and Tiny Tim met in early 1969 and later married on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - December 17, 1969. Miss Vicki was 17. Her parents had to agree to this! anyway, an estimated 40 million people tuned in. The newlyweds had a 7 ft tall wedding cake decorated with - guess what - tulips!

The couple had a daughter, Tulip Victoria, born May 10, 1971. (She is exactly one month older than me). I am going to find her next.

Miss Vicki and Mr. Tim's marriage did not last long because she went into modeling - against his wishes. Miss Vicki filed for divorce in 1972 and the divorce was final in 1977. During the separation years, Miss Vicki did some questionable modeling.

She ended up running a boutique in New Jersey in the 1990's and has now married her high school sweetheart ( in 2006) and they live in Savannah, TN. Which incidentally is not but about 3 hours from me.


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