Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The shame, The embarrassment, the horror of it all.

I have no clue where this quote came from. My friends and I said it a lot in high school and even now. We would say it even when someone had committed the slighted faux pas. But now I just have to say it is for real.

It is truly amazing how low people can sink. Sometimes it is because they make bad choices and other times it is because they are just not cut out for the job and are sucking wind.

I go back to school yesterday in a good mood and realize that yet again, there has been a big communication break down and it is affecting a student greatly. Incompetence! Does it seem like the higher paying job you have they less you have to do and know one cares and you can just be an idiot?!?

Then I get an email reply because I had some concerns. The Head Cheese is now backtracking on her word ( that mind you I have in writing). She then goes on to make excuses as to why the custodial staff on my hall did not sweep the rooms before Christmas Break. Pathetic excuses. Lame and idiotic.

And then finally, the email from a BMOC. Posting a job opening for a position that became open because of the tragic death of a young teacher over the break. No email about her passing was sent out. No mention of how to make memorials or show respect.

It is most shameful and embarrassing.

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