Sunday, January 24, 2010

Changing Fonts on Word

I will get to the title in a minute.  First, I just need to say that Iam tired and worn out from the weekend.

Saturday morning there was an indoor yardsale at the convention center.  It was great and I wish I had had a purpose to buy something.  I had Eminem so it was hard to shop.  She did find some rollar blades for $3 and found cute white Christmas trees for the mantle.  I will play with them in 10 months.

We then took some stuff to Goodwill and of course I had to shop.  Eminem bought a straw hat to play it - she looks very cute.  And I found the biggest bargain.  Pottery Barn candle sticks for $5.  I set was originally $69.  I was fired up.  Can't wait to find a place for them.

So, on to the Font thing.  Scout has a Reading Fair Project due this Wednesday.  He is presenting "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban".   He did all the writing and typing himself, but wanted something to make the project cool.  I though that we needed to find a Harry Potter font.  And guess what - there are about 8 good ones to chose from.  We chose the ones with thelightening bolts on the letters.  It took me a while to figure out how to get that sucker in Word but I managed and want to educate the world.  You know I am a teacher.

1.  Search the web for your font and save it to your desk top.  It will be saved as a zip file.

2.  Close out of the internet and right-click on your font zip file and chose "extract all files".  In this order choose Next, Next, Finish - when it asks you questions.  It is just saving the file in C: drive/Documents and Settings/OwnerDocuments/My Documents...

3.  Now, you will not need to have any other windows open.  Hit the Start button and go to the Control Panel.

4.  At the Control Panel, click "Appearance and Themes"  then under this choose Fonts- if you do not have "Appearance and Themes" - like me_ then click "Fonts". 

5.  Click the "File " menu and choose 'Install New Fonts"

6.  Make sure  the drive says C:

7.  There is a little window of folders on the left - under C, choose Documents and Settings. double click

8.  choose the Owner File - Double Click

9.  chosose Desktop  File - Double click - once this is open you will be able to scroll down and find the name of your font

10.  Double click the font name and it will appear in the box above

11.  Click on the font name and choose "OK".  A box will then pop up pretty fast and say  "100% Download" or something.

12.  Go to Word and enjoy your new font.

It was great and made the project a little extra special.

Linking up to DIY Day - since I did do it myself.  I did not really make anything, but I still feel that sense of accomplishment.


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