Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way the Wind Blows

The forecasts were calling for 1" - 2" of snow. My kids were ready, my students were ready, I was ready. And then...............

we just got a dusting. Yep the slightest covering, but it does look good.

Now, we are all out of school today because of inclement weather and hazardous road conditions. That is nice. I do not mind having another day off. It does kinds mess up how I teach and my lesson plans, but I can deal with that.

Did it seem to snow more when we were little? For some reason I think it did, but I am not going to discuss global warming or anything. Where I grew up it was flat as a pancake. We did not have any hills to slid down. We had the neighborhood sled and my Daddy took turns riding the neighborhood kids around the streets in the snow. He had to pull it behind the jeep and later a 3-wheeler. It was a cool sled. He made it out of plywood and 2x4s, and it was painted red. We still have it.

I was hoping to use it today. Daddy told me where is was at our hunting camp. It would have brought back a flood of memories. Here are a few:

* Jose Cuervo (little sister) wearing ziploc bags over her gloves so her hands would not get wet. ( We always had a wet snow.)

* Our snowmen never had 3 sections, just kinda 1 big blob. He had stick arms and usually had a baseball cap on. An sometimes waved a flag.

* My mother would not let us play in the back yard, because she like seeing the yard snow untouched. It was pretty.

* The neighboorhood set of brothers who always had their hats pulled down over their eyes so that they had to lean their head back to see. It looked stupid.

* Turning on the patio light at night and watching the snow fall over the patio. Daddy would put a chair there for me to sit in - thus began my weather fascination.

* Coming in the house wet from snow and stripping down to our long underwear. All the out clothes went into the dryer to dry and the boots went in front of the fireplace to warm up. We would just run around the house in the long-johns and drink hot chocolate.

If anyone actually reads this blog, I would ask for your snow memories. If you do happen to come across me. I would love a snow story!

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  1. A dusting and everything's closed?! Oh how I wish that's how it was in Chicago...we have nearly a foot and a half and it's still business as usual. I think I need to move... :)