Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Not the musical - but the little creatures we keep in our house for fun.

I have a cat named Bob.  He is a strange little thing.  We think he was brain damaged by the flea collar we put on him as a kitty.  He likes to help around the house. 

He is really good at holding down papers.  It is like a fuzzy paper weight.

Last night he tried some wine.  I had my cute hand-painted wine glass that BCF gave me for Christmas out at the computer.  He was desperately trying to stick his whole head in, but it would not fit.  So he licked the inside of my glass.  I poured it out after that.  Because I teach science I wanted to see what happened.  Of course, nothing cool.  He just ran off.

Bob, is hard to photograph.  He will not sit still.  He is fun to have around and can actually catch a mouse.  It has happened before.

Bob is 13 years old and still very spunky.  He zips all around the house.

This is a stupid post, I know, but kitty was just  on my mind.  He likes to blog with me in the morning.  He sits right in front of the monitor.

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